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Our Pensacola Photo Booth

Pensacola Photo Booth Rental

Real Photo Booth

We, at On Fleek Photo Booth, have created an exciting, modern and retro photo booth rental. All rentals include an actual photo booth that can be closed or open to suit your needs. Our photo booth in Pensacola is modern in style and can be customized to fit any event, from weddings, to prom, to corporate events or Spring break on the beach. We are memory makers, where each photo taken is a time to savor and compliments every different personality from mild mannered to the life of the party. On Fleek Photo Booth = Instant Fun

Pensacola Photo Booth Props

Awesome Props

Every On Fleek Photo Booth rental comes with awesome props for no additional cost. We provide a suitcase full of goodies for you and your guests to enjoy and get creative with. We have props to go with every type of occasion. Each prop case varies with an array of chalkboards, glasses, hats, mustaches, bubble captchas and more. If you have something creative in mind that you would like to add to the mix, then bring them or let us know what you want and we will custom make them.

Unlimited photo booth prints

Unlimited Prints

There is no limit to the number of prints you all will take home with you! At On Fleek Photo Booth, our process is short and sweet so you and your guests can enjoy the booth over and over again. From flash to print, the whole process is lighting fast printing in just 40 seconds. Whether you choose our traditional double strip of 3 photos or our easily frame-able 4×6 layout, you’ll have an archive quality print faster than you can say cheese.

Self operated photo booth

Touch the Screen to Start

Don’t be shy of the kiosk. It’s ok to tap the screen. The touch screen is a tap away from an amazing time of laughs and camaraderie. Once the is the screen is tapped, the screen will count down the seconds to each picture, giving you enough time to pose and to see your pictures at the end.

custom photo booth logo

Custom Logo

With every On Fleek Photo Booth rental comes with a custom logo on the bottom of each print. We will design a logo specifically for your event with the pertinent information you request. Do you already have a design in mind or one you created yourself? Done! We know how important every detail of your event is and we are here to help you customize a memorable photo booth.

photo booth online gallery

Online Gallery

We will ensure the fun continues throughout the years by providing a w digital download with all the prints and photos for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you are. Also, all the prints will be available online for your friends and family to view, share and download. As always, you have control over what pictures show up online. You also have an option for a password protected photo gallery.

Long term photo booth rentals in Pensacola

Long Term Rentals

Besides doing weddings, parties, business events etc. that are for a few hours on one specific day, we can also do long term photo booth rentals in Pensacola. Need a photo booth rental for a weekend, a week, or a few months? We will be more than happy to work with you on your endeavor.

Pensacola photo booth attendant

Booth Attendant

Each photo booth rental includes a professional attendant at all times. They are trained to provide a fun and safe environment, while trouble shooting any problems that may arise. The On Fleek Photo Booth attendant will assist with encouraging people to get involved so that a multitude of pictures can be taken. Our On Fleek Photo Booth Attendant will help make your event an event that everyone can dig!

Wedding Photo Booths

wedding photo booth rentals

Here at On Fleek Photo Booth in Pensacola, we are connoisseur’s of photo booth rentals. We are a rag tag crew with imaginative, professional, relatable and full of fun ideas for your wedding in Pensacola, whether it is simple to elegant or rustic to wild. We will mold our photo both rental into your dream wedding. You want our photo booth and all the props just as they are? Great! You want to customize the props and background? Great! We are here to make the entire process simple and enjoyable so your memorable moments will be a great success. Our wedding photo booth rentals include a real photo booth, awesome props, unlimited prints, custom logo, online gallery, event photo video, scrapbook and a professional attendant.

Special Event Photo Booths

On Fleek Photo Booth loves parties and connecting with people. We do more than just weddings. Whatever event you have in mind, we can be there to make it memorable for years to come. We enjoy helping you “make memories” at birthdays, bar/bat mizvahs, houseparties, graduations, homecoming and prom, a wide range of festivals, expos and everything in between. Just let us know your needs with your Pensacola photo booth rental and we will work with you to make your special event a success.

Event Photo Booth

Corporate Event Photo Booths

Corporate Photo Booth Rentals

On Fleek Photo Booth is great for Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. Our photo booths in Pensacola are guaranteed to charm the pants off of any CEO, employee or client. Whether you’re having a grand opening, a holiday party or just want to tell your employees ‘thank you’, we make it incredibly fun and easy to do. On Fleek creates a memorable and special connection between the user and your company. You can brand your photos to serve as a promotion on fridges far and wide long after your event is over. With our booth’s social media integration, you can take your brand impact one step further. Add some fun to your business with a photo booth that is sure to please everyone, no matter what their job is. These photos are great advertisements for years to come.

Reserve On Fleek Photo Booth for your next event. It will be an event everyone can dig! For more information or to book, call (850) 665-0490 or fill out our online form.